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The Power of Candle for Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Our sense of smell is incredibly powerful and shouldn’t be underestimated. The smell of a scented candle stimulates the part of your brain, which is connected to memory and mood. From boosting energy through scent, to relieving stress or even enhancing mental clarity, the healing properties coming from a lit scented candle can deliver psychological effects. Thus, the use of candles in therapy and meditation can even unlock the royal road of the unconscious.


We offer a variety of hand-poured, non-toxic and slow burning candles. We’re sure you will find one that’s right for you to help you take control of your mood and stress. An aromatherapy candle could be just what you're missing to fully reach a sense of calmness and tranquility in times of much stress and anxiety. The low light that comes from a candle is captured by your eyes and sent straight to your brain for processing. Our brains associate candlelight with body relaxation, improving how we feel emotionally and physically.


While other aromatherapy candles are made for stress, many contain artificial ingredients that may cause migraine, headaches, and asthma attacks. With our 100% soy wax candles, you will not have to worry about these negative effects that other candles in the market have. We value our customers and want you to be the best version of yourself which begins with your mental state.

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