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LUXE Candle Private Labels
Our unlabeled candles come in beautiful clear glass jars with a secure lids. Each candle is 8oz with pure soy wax for a fast melt, a nice wax pool, and a great throw perfect for mid to large-size rooms. We currently have a variety of unique scents to choose from. We can also create custom blends using your unique fragrance. The containers are Reusable & recyclable, and all our fragrances have a clean burn for up to 30 hours. Each candle is highly fragrant to ensure and is comparable to well-known brands at a fraction of the price. Highly aromatic, the scent will last the life of the candle.
These candles do have bottom labels with the fragrance type. Still, they don't include any reference to Bulk Apothecary, so you can make them your own private label using your brand. The customer will think that you made the candle yourself. All our candles are created to ensure quality and consistency in every jar.

Our Wholesale, Ready Private Label Candles Allow you to create custom labels under your brand and make a. nice profit.

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